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Your First Appointment

What to Expect at Your First Counseling or Testing Appointment

  • Our main office is located at 2205 N. Wheeling Avenue, a renovated home with parking in the back of the house.  Enter through the glass door on the back porch.

  • Our Noblesville office is located at the Yeager Office Suites at 23 S. 8th Street, Suite 900. Parking is available in a public lot across from the building on Maple Street.  There may be a building manager to greet you on arrival, depending on the time of your appointment.  Please wait in the lobby and Dr. Anderson or Dr. Judge will greet you at your appointment time. 

  • Our intake paperwork is available on our web page under Resources. You may upload a copy of your insurance card or enter the data manually.  If you aren’t able to sign your intake paperwork beforehand, please arrive 15 – 20 minutes early and be sure to bring your insurance card so we can make a copy of it.  For minor clients, a parent or guardian must be present to give us consent to treat your child or adolescent.

  • At our main office in Muncie, you will be greeted by our front desk staff who will lead you through the paperwork process. We utilize a digital signature pad that they will explain to you. 

  • You will receive a copy of our policies and procedures regarding cancellations and missed appointments.   Because we set aside our professional time to be available to you, we would appreciate a 24 hour notice in the event that you cannot come to your appointment. That allows us to make that time available to other clients who are also in need.

  • After you have completed your paperwork, your therapist will greet you and escort you to their office. 

  • At our Noblesville location, Dr. Anderson or Dr. Judge will meet you in the waiting room at your appointment time, and take you to their suite to complete the intake process.

  • Your provider will discuss the limits of confidentiality with you.  With a few exceptions to ensure safety, what you discuss in session will be kept private and confidential.

  • Our providers are trained to gather pertinent background information, including previous counseling experience, family history, and current symptomatology. This will allow him or her to understand your needs better.   Although discussing details with someone you don’t know well can be difficult, your provider will try to put you at ease as much as possible.

  • If presenting for counseling, your therapist will discuss goals for treatment and will make suggestions about what strategies would be most effective.

  • The initial counseling appointment generally lasts one hour, while follow-up appointments are usually scheduled for 45 minutes.

  • At the end of your first counseling session, your therapist will discuss the recommended frequency of visits so you can set up your next appointment with the front desk staff.

  • If presenting for assessment, at the first session your testing psychologist will determine what testing measures are indicated, and will schedule follow-up appointment(s) as necessary. You may need to return for more than one session to complete all recommended measures.  Your testing psychologist will score and interpret all the measures, then schedule a session for feedback once everything is completed.

  • We ask that payment is made at the time of service.