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Jeanette Hoeksema, LSCW

I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1998, and am currently earning my doctorate Clinical Psychology at the University of Indianapolis. I have found counseling to be very rewarding, and have enjoyed working with families, couples, and individuals of all ages, from preschoolers through seniors. I frequently work with many physicians whose patients find their physical health is being impacted by mental health issues, life’s stressors, and relationship tensions. Much of my experience has been counseling women with histories of anxiety, depression (link to all natural treatment for depression), grief, trauma, domestic violence, and hurt(link to Brene Brown: the power of vulnerability) resulting from divorce and other relational stressors. I also conduct premarital counseling and am certified to use the Prepare/Enrich curriculum through Life Innovations for both premarital and marital sessions.
My primary interests include using health psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy to help individuals recognize their problematic thinking patterns (link 5o 5 ways to stop overthinking)which often lead to depression, anxiety, self-blame, increased emotional and bodily stress, and decreased self-confidence. It is my goal that clients experience increased hope and healing (link to 5 myths of self-compassion) during my work with them.