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Amanda Atkinson, MA, RD, CD

As a registered dietitian, I believe in meeting clients where they are in their journey, whether that is their journey towards full recovery from an Eating Disorder or in changing their relationship with food and improving their health. I am passionate about and specialize in working with adults and adolescents struggling with Eating Disorders (Bulimia, Anorexia, OSFED, BED), maladaptive relationships with food, emotional eating, and exercise addiction. My approach includes using nutrition education, mindfulness and awareness techniques to promote changing behaviors with food and/or exercise. I believe in helping clients develop a more intuitive relationship with food and one where all foods can fit into their life.
I enjoy helping clients with Eating disorders challenge and change their disordered thoughts and food patterns through experiential activities including but not limited to: restaurant and grocery store outings and therapeutic snack challenges.
I provide individualized nutrition counseling for all clients and can include family or loved ones in nutrition counseling in order to best support the client. For those not struggling with disordered eating, I can provide support though nutrition education and meal planning so clients are able to make realistic lifestyle changes.
My experience includes both inpatient and outpatient treatment settings and being part of a multi-disciplinary team to be sure clients are receiving a full-spectrum of care.
Amanda provides services at our Muncie location.