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Sometimes life can present struggles for all of us. While problems can seem overwhelming at times, hardships can also result in healthy, positive growth if handled with courage and wisdom.   Our goal is to help you manage life’s difficulties in the best way possible.  Reaching out for help can be uncomfortable, so we strive to provide a welcoming, safe environment where you can let your guard down and feel accepted.  At life’s crossroads, a warm, compassionate therapeutic relationship can make all the difference in finding the direction you are seeking. 

While all of the clinicians at CPD work with adults, many of us have specialties in working with children and adolescents. We find that many children and teens also struggle with similar issues to adults, and that often a guiding hand at important developmental phases can make all the difference in turning the corner into a positive direction.  

Our Muncie location is housed in a renovated home, promoting a familiar and warm atmosphere.  We have comfortable counseling rooms and a large room specifically designed for playtherapy. All of our clinicians offer services in our Muncie location.  Two providers, Dr. Natasha Anderson and Dr. Lani Judge, also work in our Noblesville office, that  is specifically designed for playtherapy, family sessions and psychological testing.